Elections Office Forms

Voter Registration Application

Voter Registration Cancellation [pdf]

Vote by Mail Ballot Application [pdf]

Cancel Mail Ballot Status Application [pdf]

2014 Poll Worker Application [pdf]

County Employee Poll Worker Application [pdf]

Candidate Statement Form [pdf]

Product & Services Request Form [pdf]

Recurring Vote by Mail File Request Form [pdf]

Application to Purchase Voter Registration Information [pdf]


Products & Services Catalog with Pricing [pdf]

District Look-up Tool [html]

Polling Place and Sample Ballot Look-up Tool [html]

Mail Ballot Drop-off Map [html]

Voter Registration

The Secretary of State’s Guide to Voter Registration Drives [pdf]

Permissible Use of Voter Registration Information  [pdf]

Weekly Report of Registration [pdf]

Voter Registration Statistics

San Bernardino County and District Summaries [pdf]

State of California Statistics [html]

Nationwide Statistics from U.S. Census Bureau [html]

Export of Precinct Information for San Bernardino County [txt]


Historical Voter Turnout [pdf]

The Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act [pdf]

Generic Measures Information Sheet [pdf]

Recount Regulations [pdf]

Requesting a Recount [pdf]

Procedure for Recalling State & Local Officials [pdf]

The Electronic Filing Portal [html]

The Public Access Portal for Campaign Finance Disclosure [html]

Elections Office Organizational Chart  [pdf]

Information About Redistricting for State Senate Districts [html]

Polling Place Notices

Notice: Top Two Candidates Open Primary Act - Presidential Primary [pdf]

Voter Bill of Rights - English [pdf]

Voter Bill of Rights - Spanish [pdf]

Tampering with Voting Equipment Penalties [pdf]

California Fair Political Practice Campaign

California Fair Political Practice Campaign (FPPC) [html]

Enforcement Division [html]

California Legislative Counsel

California Legislative Information [html]

California Codes [html]

Federal Elections Commission

Federal Elections Commission [html]

Federal Voting Assistance Program

Federal Voting Assistance Program [html]

Secretary of State

Ballot Designation [pdf]

Election Petition Signature Verification [pdf]

Escrow of Ballots tally Software Program Source Codes [pdf]

Help America Vote Act [html]

Statewide Voter Registration Database [pdf]

Permissible Use of Voter Information [pdf]

Help America Vote Act [html]

Voter Bill of Rights [pdf] Time off to Vote [pdf]

National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) [html]

Secretary of State Campaign Finance [html]

Elections Division [html]

Election Fraud Hot-Line [html]

Candidate Resources [html]

Political Reform Division [html]

Guide to Voter Registration Drives [pdf]

United States Department of Justice

Americans with Disabilities Act [html]