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Elected Officials

For a list of elected officials that are currently holding office view the following links:

Federal Elected Officials 

State Elected Officials

County Elected Officials

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School District Elected Officials

Special District Elected Officials [available soon]


For a personalized list of your elected officials, use My Elections Gateway.

Candidate Information

Candidate Filing Guide:

The San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters provides a Candidate Filing Guide for each election. This guide is used to assist candidates with the Candidate Filing Process.

Candidate Statement Form:
  • Use the Candidate Statement Form [not currently available] to prepare a candidate statement.
Candidate Information Forum:
Statement of Responsibility for Temporary Political Signs:

Candidates and campaigns that place temporary political signs must file a Statement of Responsibility with the California Department of Transportation, naming the person responsible for removing the signs.  Additional restrictions on the placement of political signs may exist. Review the Candidate Filing Guide for more information. 

Campaign Finance Information

Campaign Finance Records:

Search for Campaign Finance Records

File Campaign Finance Records

For additional information, please go to the Cal-Access website, which provides more financial information supplied by state candidates, donors, lobbyists, and others.