Voter Information Guide

Voting Options

Ballot Counting Process [available soon]

Vote at Your Assigned Polling Place on Election Day

Polling Place Location

To find your assigned Polling Place:

  • Use the online Polling Place Look-up tool
  • Call (800) 881-VOTE(8683) or (909) 387-8300
  • Look on the back page of the Voter Information Guide sent to you for the current election

Polling Place Hours

Polling Places are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

How to Vote

At your assigned Polling Place, you will be asked for your name and address and you will be looked up in the Roster of Voters.  Once your name is found, you will be provided with a paper ballot that contains the contests that you are qualified to vote on.  After you have voted, you will deposit your voted ballot in a green ballot box.  Alternatively, you may elect to vote on an Electronic Touch Screen voting machine.

Voter ID

In most cases, California voters are not required to show identification at their polling place. However, a poll worker may ask to see your identification if you mailed your voter registration application and did not include your driver's license number, California identification number, or the last four digits of your Social Security number.


A copy of a recent utility bill, the Voter Information Guide you received from our office, or another document sent to you by a government agency are examples of acceptable forms of identification. Other examples include your passport, driver's license, official California identification card, or student identification card.

Provisional Voting

If your name is not found on the Roster of Voters at the Polling Place, you have the right to vote with a Provisional Ballot. If you vote on a Provisional Ballot, it is returned to the Elections Office and your eligibility to vote is verified. Upon verification, your ballot is counted. If you are found to be ineligible to vote, your ballot is not counted.

Provisional Ballot Lookup